Sunday's Message


Life can get crazy. We can  lose our way very quickly when we leave the building after worship. Why not reset and refocus yourself on Jesus and his mission in the middle of the week. Starting in October we are going to meet on Wednesday’s at noon. We will start with some “Mindful movements”. These are slow stretching movements, easily adaptable for anyone. The idea is to be mindful of your body. Next we will spend some time in silent prayer followed by a pray walk around the block, praying for our community and the world. Again you can adapt to your own situation. This will take @ 30 minutes. People can remain after if they wish to discuss the experience or anything else. This will non political, very ecumenical and welcoming since we won’t be talking about any doctrine. We won’t be talking.

The hope is that this will help us to focus on Jesus and his mission.




Dinner at 5pm. Worship at 5:30pm. Church School at 6pm.



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