Music Schedule & Updates

Joyful Ringers

You can click on the Google Music Calendar (on the left side)  for a complete music schedule of all the groups.

Rehearsals will be starting this Wednesday, September 23 at 5:30 in the sanctuary.  We will be physically distanced to ensure our safety.  Masks will be worn by all.

Our rehearsal schedule will change in a couple of weeks due to the Wednesday Worship Service being held in the sanctuary for worshippers to be physically distanced.

To enquire about the Joyful Ringers, please e mail me at


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Praise Team Schedule

To check the complete music schedule, click on Google Music Calendar on the left menu.

Praise Team rehearses on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM.

E mail me at

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Kid's Rock - Celebrate Christ

The Kid's Rock Music group is still in limbo.  What I am hoping to do a bit later is have a 4 week session with all of you virtually.  More to come on this exciting venture.

You can e mail me at  Everybody's Got a Place in the Choir    (Click to play)

ALL in person rehearsals are cancelled for now.


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Chancel Choir

September 21, 2020

Dear Choir
I have sure missed all of you singing together and being in worship.  You are such a valuable, integral part of our worship.  It is a real bummer not to be able to sing together during these days.  

As you have hopefully watched some of the services online, you will notice that during the summer we had what I fondly called the COVID choir with Cheri, Kelly, Jean, Sandy.  That was when no one was sitting in the pews and we could have about 10 people in place.

As we moved into fall and towards some live in person worship, the Praise Team stepped up to the plate and have been working on music for worship.  

You will notice that we moved the Praise Team equipment to behind the altar to allow for more distancing to the congregation.  

I have been struggling with what to do with all of you to get more singing into our worship with whatever we can do to make it happen.  I have some ideas that I would like to present here and I would REALLY appreciate your honest opinions in what you may be willing to do.  So here goes:

Yes_____ No_______ How about three or four each week committing to some Sundays to lead the hymns,  It would be nice have a couple women and a couple men.  

Yes______No______How about a zoom choir rehearsal?  I attended some sessions online on how to do this with you all.  

Yes______ No______Would you be at all interested in coming to church and being physically distanced around the sanctuary to record some music to that we could use for worship as a choir.  We would record live but make a video to play in worship.

Yes______ No______Anyone interested in duets, solos, trios, other small groups to practice 

Yes_____ No______Virtually put a piece together.   This is where I provide you with the accompaniment and you record yourselves singing and send me back the recording.  I put it all together like magic into one grand anthem.  We would start simple with a hymn or 2 part and move on from there.   Instructions would be provided.

__________These all sound great but I am not going to take any chances right now.

I am open to other ideas.   Keep the suggestions coming:

Please prayerfully consider these options and get back to me.  You know you can e mail me at   If you would like to call PLEASE call on my cell phone   651-808-4589.   I never check the phone at work.  

I look forward to hearing from you.


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"Music is a fair and glorious gift of God" Martin Luther